Natural Abortion

Ending an Early Pregnancy the Natural Way

When it comes to ending a pregnancy, the earlier you take action, the more natural and less invasive your options are. Here at Early Options, we consider “early” to be a missed a period or two. And we only offer the two methods endorsed by The World Health Organization for early abortions: SofTouch®, a type of manual aspiration procedure, and the Abortion Pill.

Early, Natural Abortion: Easier On Mind and Body

Be kind to your body by choosing the least invasive method to effectively end your pregnancy. Surgical abortions (electric suction or D&C) are too severe and unnecessary for terminating an early pregnancy. Surgery exposes you to unneeded risks and a lengthier recovery time. Compare surgical abortion to natural abortion options such as our gentle Manual Vacuum Aspiration:

SofTouch® Surgical D&C
Eat and drink normally before your procedure Fast from the night before
Completed in a private exam room Completed in an operating room
Your companion can be by your side Companions are not welcome
Recover within minutes in the same private room Recover with other patients in a separate room
Typical appointment time 1-2 hours Typical appointment time 4-6 hours
Return to your normal activities immediately Typically, you can resume normal activities the next day.
A calm, clean, private environment with a dedicated clinical assistant by your side. Completed in an operating room, normally under heavy or general sedation.
Completed with a quiet handheld device Completed with a loud electric suction machine
SofTouch® guarantee: No scraping, no electric machine, no metal instruments, so there is no need to be put to sleep Clinics recommend that you be put to sleep, because they may choose to utilize loud suction or
sharp, metal instruments.


Natural abortion is also the kinder choice for your emotional wellbeing. At this point, it’s helpful to understand that your body is primarily just preparing for a pregnancy. The pregnancy itself only consists of a pea-size sac of fluid. You can learn a little bit more about early pregnancy, here. Because the pregnancy is so underdeveloped, ending it is more like bringing about a late period.


Our SofTouch® Method: The Choice Comes Naturally

The most preferred abortion procedure for 9 out of 10 women who come to Early Options is the SofTouch® method. We recommend SofTouch® because it works with your body’s natural tendency to bring down your late period.  It only takes a few minutes to complete the gentle aspiration in a calming private exam room. SofTouch® is so noninvasive, you’re able to eat or drink normally prior to your visit.

Plus, our physicians are also able to immediately verify via ultrasound that the pregnancy has ended – and for nearly 100% of our patients, that is the case. After leaving our practice, there’s no waiting or wondering if the SofTouch® method worked. Explore the SofTouch® process, step by step.

SofTouch® is a far cry from surgical abortion which takes longer, requires general anesthesia and sharp tools or electric suction, and carries the risk of impacting future pregnancies. In fact, the SofTouch® method is so similar in nature to the release of a heavy period that it was once referred to as “Menstrual Extraction.”


The Abortion Pill: When Privacy is Your Top Priority

The Abortion Pill is our other natural abortion option with a 96-98% effectiveness rate. It’s a good choice if you prefer to undergo a miscarriage in the privacy of your home. However, you will still need to visit our extremely private office first – and return for a follow up to verify pregnancy termination by ultrasound. The Abortion Pill process itself takes 6-72 hours at home, but our physicians are on call 24 hours a day if you need anything.


What Natural Is Not

The term “natural” refers to how a pregnancy is ended. If pregnancy termination releases a late period or brings down a miscarriage in a noninvasive manner, it’s a natural abortion. Unless you are in a country where safe abortion methods are unavailable, we do not advocate herbal or Cytotec® (misoprostol) methods. While herbs are indeed natural, they are not always safe – or effective (herbal abortion only has a 50% effectiveness rate).