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 85 reviews

I am currently a mother of a 2 yr old girl who i love so much. When i found out i was pregnant i wasnt expecting it and it was very shocking for me since i am going through a very difficult time at this moment . Finding early options was everything i was looking for .they were able to accomodate me with a price that i could i afford to pay . I was very scared and nervous since i have never went through this before but they made me feel comfortable. Pain wasnt too bad . I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Great choice

I'm not the one to give reviews but I felt like it was only right. I stumbled upon this website when trying to find a less invasive way to terminate my pregnancy. This involved alot of research and it seemed like my best option. I read tons of reviews and it really seemed like it was too good to be true. I was skeptical but I decided to give it a try. I can truly say this was truly worth it and I wish there was more abortion clinics like this place. For one the staff was amazing, very supportive and friendly. The office was very pleasant and private, which is very important for them. Now let me fast foward to the procedure because i'll go on and on about them. The doctor did tell me for everyone the pain varied, speaking for myself I did have major cramps but the nurse and doctor were very supportive. Beside that the procedure was quick and I was given alot of time to recover. They offered beverages and snacks. All around this was a great decision for practing my right to choose. I got my period 4 weeks after the prodecure.

A beautiful, spiritual experience

Unfortunately this was my 5th abortion, but I was fortunate to have my 5th (and final) abortion at early options. Though I have had numerous terminations in the past, all my experiences prior to this clinic were impersonal and emotionless, and immediately repressed from my memory.Early options put me in a state of calm, their compassionate staff and made me feel present and at ease. I admit this experience was more intense than other terminations I have had, but in the most beautiful way. I went to a spiritual place during my operation, and felt all the feelings I needed to feel.The clinic was extremely attentive and compassionate, and afterward their follow up was far beyond what I have seen from any other doctor.

The best possible experience for a difficult decision

I can only tell you that I never imagined that I would be in a situation in which this would be a choice I would ever have to make. The doctor and staff were absolutely amazing. The procedure was relatively painless and the doctor put me at ease from the get go. I cannot stress enough how difficult a decision this was. The doctor and staff did everything in their power to make this difficult time as painless as it could be. They did not minimize my feelings and were incredibly understanding and comforting.

Male point of view

Hello. I have chosen to remain anonymous. However, I think it is important that I share my experience with you all. Me and girlfriend were not planning on having a baby. My girlfriend sent me a text telling me she was late with her period and we decided to take a pregnancy test. Turns out she was pregnant. As a man this was the first time I had ever experienced a situation like that. I didn't know what to do. I knew my girlfriend didn't want to have a baby so I started researching abortion clinics and stuff like that. I knew absolutely nothing about abortions and the more I read the more I was horrified. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend would have to have a surgical procedure and be put to sleep. Then I found out about the pill. That was a little better and private but still seemed extremely painful and prolonged. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with any other form of abortion but I felt very thankful when I found Early Options. When I learned about the soft touch method I immediately thought, no way this is exactly what I am looking for, does this really exist? This is really out there! I scheduled an appointment right away to find out if it was the real deal and took a tour of the medical rooms. I was relieved to see that the rooms looked just like the hospital with all the equipment and machines and stuff so I booked the next available appointment. I can't really put into words how comfortable Dr. Fleischman and Francheska made us feel. They went through every little detail with us regarding the procedure itself and also how we felt mentally about the abortion. I was so happy when Dr. Fleischman walked in because I saw her picture on the website and thought to my self, oh man we're getting the innovator and the best of the best. The procedure we chose was called soft touch and didn't last very long. I was a bit apprehensive about being in the room while the procedure was taking place because I thought It might be awkward. Turns out early options is the only place in America that allows that . Crazy. After spending just a few minutes with Dr. Fleischman I knew that wouldn't be the case. She is such an easy going person and so down to earth and friendly, and I'm sure the other doctors I didn't have a chance to meet are too. Franchescaka, me, my girlfriend, and the doc literally talked about orange is the new black during the procedure lol. I will admit that there were a few times throughout the procedure that my girl looked like she was in a bit of pain but I held her hand tight and rubbed her hand and talked her through it. Later I found out that me being in the room with her made a tremendous difference. She was able to look into my eyes the whole time and we went though it together, she wasn't alone. Like I said the procedure didn't take that long which is fascinating to think about. I felt compelled to write this review for anyone out there considering the soft touch method and doubting anything they might be reading on the early options site. I am here to tell you that everything you read is 100 percent what you will get at early options. It is exactly as advertised. If you are fortunate enough to spare the expense of paying for the procedure it is worth every cent and truly does pay for itself when you see how fast your girl or you as a female recover after the procedure and are handled with such care and focused attention during the procedure. I want to say thank you to Dr. Fleischman for creating this amazing procedure and the great staff for taking care of us. Thank you thank you thank you

Exceptional in every way

I can not imagine going through this experience at any other place. I found myself in a situation where I needed to terminate my pregnancy and I had no idea where to go or what to do. I felt alone and afraid. I googled early abortions and was absolutely fortunate to find I did not know what to expect and I was very nervous and emotionally all over the place. From the first phone call through to the end of the experience, the staff was perfect in every way. I really appreciated the level of privacy and confidentially the center employs from the discretion on the phone, to the the buzzers through out the center and not having a room full of women waiting to be seen. The all female staff was warm and welcoming and being able to bring someone into the room with me for the consultation and the procedure was something that was so comforting. I never felt judged or pressured and the only way I can really put it is that I felt loved and cared for by everyone there. Everything was explained to me and really relaxed me along the way. The clinic is very clean and organized and I felt very safe there. I found out later that my best friend that came with me actually also had an abortion last year and she never told me until she came with me. After coming with me, she told me about the horrific experience she had at a clinic in Brooklyn and she said she wishes she knew about when she went through the experience. In addition, she told me she was struggling with some things since she had her abortion and after going through it with me and listening to the doctors and staff, she felt a lot better about her decision and understood things so much better. I can not say enough good things about this place and I can't imagine every going through this at any other place. For anyone that finds herself in this situation, please go to this center. It will make the experience a calm, comfortable and relaxed experience.

Appreciative for this option!

I would be doing a huge disservice to women faced with the ultimate dilemma if I didn't write this review. I am so grateful to the compassionate, informed, comforting and skilled team at Early Options.I determined I was pregnant early on and in doing so, had many options. After getting over the initial shock as I'm almost 40 and married, I scheduled an appointment to get RU486 at a local clinic. However, I continued to do research. When I came across these Yelp reviews for Early Options, I thought it was both too good to be true and too good not to research. After my first phone call, I knew this was the best choice available. I scheduled my appointment and did not feel any of the fear or embarrassment as I did after speaking to the person at the original clinic. I went in for my appointment and was overwhelmed by the warmth and consideration of everyone in the office. Patient privacy is of the utmost concern and they make sure patients do not interact with each other. I felt like I was in my own private doctor's office. I decided to opt for the Soft Touch procedure after reading the realities of RU486. I'm so glad I did. The procedure itself was probably all of 5 minutes. There were about 5 minutes of very painful cramping (which was tolerable since I experience cramps every month) afterwards. However, the nurse made sure I was made comfortable with a heating pad, ginger ale and a few minutes to myself. They give you specific instructions and expectations for what to expect after the procedure. I followed the rules and everything else was exactly as expected. I was out and about the next day, doing my normal routine. Pregnancy symptoms subsided relatively quickly and I had my first period 5 weeks after the procedure.I'm so grateful to Dr. Fleischman, Francesca (I believe that was my nurse's name), Heather and the rest of the very caring staff. My husband and I did not intentionally get pregnant and I am appreciative that our decision was not judged. Instead, the team did everything in their power to provide comfort and support. I will forever be grateful to everyone at Early Options!

Excellence and Compassion

After my experience at Early Options, I am left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the exceptional care I received. At every step in the process, Dr. Virani and her excellent assistant (whose name I regretfully have forgotten) made me feel safe, supported, and at ease. Having my husband holding my hand through the entire process was a great comfort to me, and we both appreciated how Dr. Virani took the time to explain everything that was happening and made sure we felt good the whole way through. The procedure itself was very quick and not painful. When I experienced some strong cramping at home afterward, Dr. Virani was available to answer my questions about what I was feeling and even called back a little later to check in on me. I am forever grateful to have gone through this experience surrounded by such compassion and warmth. These women are my new heroes.

Best experience I could have ever hoped for.

This practice is phenomenal. Everyone is smart, sensitive, knowledgeable, reassuring and 100% professional. My only regret is that this level of service is not available to every woman who needs it.

Excellent, Compassionate, Confidential

I cannot recommend this practice more. The professional, discrete, knowledgable women of this practice treated me with respect and compassion throughout. Going in, I was feeling vulnerable and emotional. And I was made to feel safe and supported. My comfort and well-being were of paramount importance to everyone who cared for me. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, you deserve the very best medical and emotional care. This practice will provide that to you.

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