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New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Average rating:  
 129 reviews
by anonymous on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
great experience & staff

this is my first pregnancy and i was pretty nervous at first. this is also my first visit. the women here are so wonderful, they made me and my partner feel very comfortable. They treated us like family and i really appreciate that. the nurse (she had glasses) and dr. fleisherman (idk how to spell it sorry) were very understanding and made sure i was okay all the way till the end of the appointment, even provided me with snacks and drink! the nurse made me feel comfortable during the procedure by making small talks and it did help 🙂 im really glad i chose this place. money is worth it here.

by AG on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

I had a missed-miscarriage. That's when a pregnancy is not viable because of a chromosome abnormality or their is no fetal heart beat and your body does not naturally pass the pregnancy tissue through a miscarriage or getting your period. My pregnancy was not viable. I found out at 5 weeks and I'm almost 9+ weeks and the pregnancy tissue hasn't yet passed. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but technically I'm not pregnant because there is no fetal heartbeat. It's emotionally and mentally draining to have these symptoms and feel pregnant but know that a baby is not coming. I looked around and felt that soft touch was the best decision for me. I didn't want to risk the potential scarring from a D&C, I didn't want to induce cramping a pill to help along miscarriage, and I could no longer endure waiting for it to pass naturally. The doctor and nurse were phenomenal. I spent a lot of time with them both discussing my situation and which options I felt were best for my physical and mental health. If you are experiencing a missed-miscarriage or a blighted ovum - you should read more about this procedure to see if it is right for you. I feel better now because I can heal emotionally and prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy. More women should know about this professional women's health clinic for miscarriage.

by E Smith on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

Everyone was kind, gentle, and compassionate. You will be comforted every step of the way. There is no shame in choosing the path that is right for you.

by Jennifer on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

I had a very good experience! Highly recommend this place for woman who are not ready for a child. Worth every single penny👍

by Anonymous on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
So kind, warm, supportive & easy!

After reading a number of positive reviews online, I decided on early options. I was skeptical that so many glowing reviews could be true, but please please PLEASE trust me— they definitely are real! I had as wonderful as an experience as one can have under the circumstances. They really put a lot of thought into the whole process, from having no wait / no common waiting area to having one nurse with you the whole time. Both Dr. Fleischman and the nurse ( I feel so bad I forgot her name but she had dark hair and olive skin) were so supportive and sweet. I came to have the procedure by myself (as it was extremely early in my relationship with the man ) but I honestly didn’t feel “alone” for one minute. The procedure hurt a bit but was over VERY VERY quickly. For me the worst part was receiving a somewhat unsupportive text from a friend at the end of the procedure, and THAT made me cry but both the nurse and doctor went above and beyond to help me emotionally move past it and realize that this didn’t have to be a big deal and that I shouldn’t feel judged. I’m now a big believer and advocate that women should talk about abortion more to help de-stigmatize it. If you find yourself in need of an abortion, I highly highly recommend this place. I honestly felt better from the minute I made the call to them (the woman who answers the phone, Madeline, is also insanely insanely kind and comforting!!) Thank you x100000 ladies of early options.

Ps I would have written this on yelp or google reviews but couldn’t find a way to do it anonymously... hoping women read it here!

by SP on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

This practice was so welcoming assuring and gentle they kept my interest at heart the entire time . They held my hand and walked me thru the process like they were my family, truly appreciate them and their support through out the process and for that I’m forever thankful!

by Happy Patient on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

There were no facilities near my area that offered MVA as an option. Early Options was one of the few facilities that offered this method. After reading about SoftTouch, I was convinced that this method was better for me than taking the pill. I liked that it is 100% effective, that the procedure itself would only take a few minutes, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about severe cramping or bleeding for days after.

Early Options was the only facility that I found that specificly offered Soft Touch. I did find one other facility that offered MVA, but in comparing both facilities, I decided to go with Early Options because (1) it provided Soft Touch as an option (so I didn’t have to go under general anesthesia); (2) the website and receptionist were very informative; and (3) the website promised that it would be a private experience with no wait time. The facility was exactly as it came across in its website: filled with true professionals, sanitary and safe. From the moment I walked in until I left, I was in good hands: the doctor and staff were excellent. Really great people - I felt safe and never felt judged. The procedure itself was a few minutes. I experienced some normal cramping afterwards, but cramps were completely gone before I left the building. I was up and about within 25 minutes after procedure. I highly recommend this facility

by Jamie on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

When I found out that I am pregnant, I was afraid and didn’t know what to do. Even though I am set for wedding next year, I wasn’t ready for the pregnancy. My fiance and I were searching about abortion options, we found earlyoptions. At first glance, I wasn’t too sure about this method, I was kind of skeptical about it. However, the reviews were amazing and surely knew that it was legitimate.
I was afraid that people might judge me but the staff in the clinic was absoultely friendly and caring. They made me feel very comfortable.
I have to say, the whole procedure took about 2-3minutes.
I generally have a high pain tolerance, but this procedure was so painful even though they have injected numbing shot. It was something that I’ve never felt before, it really was painful but the staff and my husband were holding my hands and helped me get through.
After the procedure, the pain persisted for about 10minutes. (Fortunately, the clinic provided a strong dosage of ibuprofen).
After the pain got better, Dr. Kang nicely walked through the after care and helped me understanding better and feel less guilty about it. I was happy to leave the office, knowing the fact that my pregnancy is terminated on the spot.
I really appreciate their support and kindness.

by Sahm Grateful on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
God sent human angels

Wow, I couldn't find words to fairly describe how wonderful the people at this practice were. Early options felt more than home away from home. They exceeded my expectations so much, that I can't even understand why anyone would give any review less than 5 stars. The team has been so kind and treated me with such respect and kindness throughout the entire process. (I had to fly out of state to them, because I had a terrible experience before from my own 5 stars clinic in my home town. Almost No waiting time at all and not only that, Dr. Fleishman and her team feel like God sent angels that hold your hand through one of the toughest times; that any woman could go through, with a deep kindness and genuine, unconditional care. They went above and beyond in every little detail. The procedure itself was almost like a normal papsmere. Almost no pain at all. The nurse and the doctor talk you through the entire process and I was done before I even realised we started. It felt like the treatment you get at a 5 stars resort. The office feels much like a home rather than a cold clinic. The most important part that I can't stress enough, is how kind the entire team was, especially Dr. Fleishman herself, who is on a mission to ease Womens suffering, and you can rightaway feel that she is given a heavenly HEALING touch. At the office, You don't feel rushed, you are listened to with sincere hearts and given all the time you need. A few lines can't do justice to how wonderful the people are here. Way better than the good reviews you read. And I can assure you that any bad review that was written about them, is most definitely from some payed propaganda party. A procedure of this sort is certainly a devastating process that any mother could go through, and at soft touch, you will be consoled and respected through any decision you make, and it is much much much less invasive or painful almost to a 1 in a scale of 1 to 10, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. God bless you all at Soft Touch team. And FYI, Dr. Fleischman  has such a sweet soul that radiates from her when you are around her, that makes her emminate beauty inside and out. You will understand when you meet her.

by Elizabeth on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Best Medical Experience

Early Options is the best doctor's office I've ever attended and I have been to many in different countries. The nurses and doctor were sweet and compassionate and sympathetic and very educated. I'd recommend every woman I know to go there. I appreciate all they did for me from beginning to end!!!

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