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 104 reviews
Compassionate from the very beginning

The gratitude I feel for Early Options cannot even be explained in words. From the very first second I made contact with them everyone was incredibly kind and really seemed to care about me as a person. They made everything very clear and everything I experienced was exactly what I was promised. After reading so many horror stories online I was petrified, but this was one of the calmest doctors experiences I've ever had. I am forever grateful for Dr. Fleischman and her staff. They are professional and have your best interests at heart, which is something I have never experienced in a doctors office before. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So Grateful From Beginning to End

Having experienced other clinics and Dr’s offices using surgical procedures, I didn’t want to put my body through that scraping again. So I searched and found early options. Not ever hearing of such a procedure I was kind of nervous. However from the time we walked in the staffs hospitality was great! They were friendly, on time, compassionate, caring, detailed in info, comforting. The place was clean and private. I loved the fact that I was the only pt being tended to at that time. It was private. The procedure was quick and there was pain but it lasted less than 5 min on and off. When the procedure was completed I was allowed to stay there as long as liked. I was there after for over an hour with no one rushing me at all. All the staff were women including the Dr. I couldn’t afford the total amount and they agreed to the amount I could. Which I was so grateful for and thought wow they’re really trying to help. It wasn’t just about getting paid for terminating a pregnancy. I wasn’t just the next women in line. Therefore I definitely and wholeheartedly refer them.

Having previously gone to a factory style clinic for an abortion and being treated like a piece of meat, I'm super grateful to have found Early Options. Dr. Fleischman and her team are a group of absolutely incredible women. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel comfortable and was greeted with nothing but warmth and understanding. I was shown into a private room where both the nurse and the doctor listened to my concerns and explained the procedure. The actual soft touch procedure lasted roughly 2 minutes. There was slight cramping, but nothing out of the ordinary- more like normal period cramps. I rested for a few minutes afterwards and was able to walk out 15 minutes later to enjoy the rest of my day. My entire visit took about an hour and a half, and I left feeling completely respected.It has been a few days since the procedure, and I feel great. I know that I made the appropriate decision and appreciate everything that the doctor and staff did for me. There should definitely be more establishments like Early options for women everywhere. We deserve it.

Great overall experience

The staff at early options are all very kind and supportive. They make your experience very personal and make you feel comfortable with them. I was able to get a discount appointment as I do not make much money but I was still treated well and with respect. I’m so grateful that I was able to go to early options. If you are someone with low income, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I literally just found out I was pregnant on Monday & Yes I was scared, confused, anxious a lot of “what if’s” all because of my last experience(2016) which I suffered a miscarriage at 6months which was very traumatic for me. I just knew this time around I wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready to go through that again. Not to say it would’ve happened again but you just never know. So I did my research and stumbled upon these amazing people, even though this was my first time doing anything like this. I don’t regret it not one bit . They made me feel so comfortable & walked me through everything. After the procedure they made sure I was okay & was by my side through it all. Never rushed me & made sure I was okay until I was ready to leave. After leaving today, I just knew I made the right the decision. So thank you.

So Grateful

I am so grateful to have found such an empathic and compassionate practice like Early Options. They offered me a discount after speaking with them about my experience at another clinic, and I could not imagine receiving care from anywhere else. Brianna, who was my clinical assistant, was so kind and compassionate; she made me feel very safe during the procedure, and was so nurturing after the procedure was over. Even further, Dr. Fleischman was incredibly knowledgeable, and really normalized the process of early pregnancy termination. I was very vulnerable during this entire experience, but Early Options was able to quell my anxiety and fear — thank you so much!

You deserve the best care

After finding out I was pregnant at 4am while In the ER I was in total shock and confused on where to start my journey to terminate my pregnancy. After research and reviews I was beyond lucky to have found early options.I was able to schedule and consultation and was very lucky to have the procedure the same day (someone had cancelled) Come to find out I was close to 7 weeks pregnant while only shy of 4 weeks post op from a breast augmentation. I felt that Dr. Fleischman and her assistant Hayley provided me with every answer and kept me calm the whole time. In a very vulnerable moment I was surround by caring professionals and was not judged for my decision. With slight pain and only a few minutes later the soft touch procedure was complete. I took my time getting dressed and felt no rush to leave right after. I am truly thankful for this experience especially when abortion is viewed as very taboo.I am currently 3 days out from the procedure and my life And hormones are returning back to normal. It gives me comfort knowing that exceptional care is out there for women who need to make a tough decision. I am incredibably greatful for the experience.

The Most Caring Place for The Toughest Choice

As a mother of two very young children, making a choice like this felt like the toughest choice in the world; but we knew the timing would have been completely impossible for our family. As it was such a major family decision, we would have never been able to make this choice for us if we hadn't found a place like this. Going to Early Options and meeting the staff, the nurses and the doctor was like meeting your most trusted family therapist and family doctor all in one, in complete privacy. We never saw another patient and we had the complete support of the entire staff. Every woman - and a every couple - should be able to have access to such high-quality care, privacy, emotional support and dignity in dealing with something that's one of the most emotional and hardest decisions you'll ever make. Beyond the procedure, the doctor also helped us in choosing a better contraceptive for us and we even discussed future family planning. This place is like no other and the only place where you husband or partner can be right by your side. We feel incredibly grateful for Dr. Fleischman and her entire staff.

Safe and Easy Experience with Pill

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 years, and one week she was very busy and forgot to pick up her birth control. A week later we realized that she had not been taking it, but never expected anything to happen. About a month later, 2 days before leaving for a vacation in Mexico, we realized and went to Early Options. The staff was incredibly nice and supportive, and it was a very pleasant environment (much nicer than any doctor's office I've been to). She had complete privacy and felt comfortable. She chose the Pill treatment since she felt it was less invasive. Since we were going on vacation, she waited to take the second pill until we were in our hotel in Cancun. I was sort of worried about being out of the country, but she took the pill and it was a super easy experience. She said she had barely any cramps and said it was not really worse than her period. She said it was such a mild experience that she was worried it didn't work! But then we went for a follow up and found it had worked fine. Didn't even disrupt our vacation -- we just hung out on the beach the day after and she was fine.

Abortion pill at 22

"Wow. I can't believe this would happen to me" was my initial reaction. I have been super careful the past year and only had one partner. I did everything by the books and I still managed to be that .3%. I immediately knew I couldn't bring a human into the world and nor was I ready. So I did some research and looked at some places. I am completely satisfied and happy with my decision to come to early options, even though it was a tad more expensive. I was treated with respect and they really took into consideration my privacy throughout the whole process. If I could break it down .. it was a 4 step process. 1. Consultation 2. Procedure 3. Abortion pill (at home) 4. Follow up. The procedure is dependent on how you feel you should go through with the abortion( if you can ). You must be 5-9 weeks at that point to take the pill. I was nervous I wouldn't be within the range , but luckily enough I was. At the office you take one pill , then 6 hours later when you have no other responsibilities you take the second set. The not so fun part was going home and waiting for the pills to kick in. I would suggest having someone with you , I couldn't get up from the bed at times and I felt more comfortable on the toilet. The cramping started 3-4 hrs after taking the second pill at home and then lasted for about the same time. The following morning I ate breakfast and went on about my day. The heavy bleeding lasted one day and then my body went back to normal (minus the bloating). This was my experience but if you'd like to learn more come prepared for your consult and ask any questions you are unsure of.

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