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Safe and Easy Experience with Pill

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 years, and one week she was very busy and forgot to pick up her birth control. A week later we realized that she had not been taking it, but never expected anything to happen. About a month later, 2 days before leaving for a vacation in Mexico, we realized and went to Early Options. The staff was incredibly nice and supportive, and it was a very pleasant environment (much nicer than any doctor's office I've been to). She had complete privacy and felt comfortable. She chose the Pill treatment since she felt it was less invasive. Since we were going on vacation, she waited to take the second pill until we were in our hotel in Cancun. I was sort of worried about being out of the country, but she took the pill and it was a super easy experience. She said she had barely any cramps and said it was not really worse than her period. She said it was such a mild experience that she was worried it didn't work! But then we went for a follow up and found it had worked fine. Didn't even disrupt our vacation -- we just hung out on the beach the day after and she was fine.

Abortion pill at 22

"Wow. I can't believe this would happen to me" was my initial reaction. I have been super careful the past year and only had one partner. I did everything by the books and I still managed to be that .3%. I immediately knew I couldn't bring a human into the world and nor was I ready. So I did some research and looked at some places. I am completely satisfied and happy with my decision to come to early options, even though it was a tad more expensive. I was treated with respect and they really took into consideration my privacy throughout the whole process. If I could break it down .. it was a 4 step process. 1. Consultation 2. Procedure 3. Abortion pill (at home) 4. Follow up. The procedure is dependent on how you feel you should go through with the abortion( if you can ). You must be 5-9 weeks at that point to take the pill. I was nervous I wouldn't be within the range , but luckily enough I was. At the office you take one pill , then 6 hours later when you have no other responsibilities you take the second set. The not so fun part was going home and waiting for the pills to kick in. I would suggest having someone with you , I couldn't get up from the bed at times and I felt more comfortable on the toilet. The cramping started 3-4 hrs after taking the second pill at home and then lasted for about the same time. The following morning I ate breakfast and went on about my day. The heavy bleeding lasted one day and then my body went back to normal (minus the bloating). This was my experience but if you'd like to learn more come prepared for your consult and ask any questions you are unsure of.


I was totally against any type of termination. However I’ve now learned by having my own experience is depending on the situation it may be needed. I was very scared to get it done, I prob called them 20 times between me scheduling appt and date of procedure with questions upon questions. Receptionist was very helpful even in email. When I got there I didn’t feel it was like a hospital/doctors office, staff was amazing even with me being very very nervous ... my nerves were so bad they were about to send me home and reschedule. However the nurses walked me thru it, I hadn’t even realized procedure actually started till prob the last 30-45 seconds when I felt major cramps (they were very bearable). All in all I was there in total 1 hour 15 mins. They did a scan before procedure and another thereafter. I spotted a little then got my regular period about 40 days from procedure date and now it’s back on track. I am so thankful for them. They made such a hard decision for me as easy as possible. If ever on my situation and you can afford it I’d definitely go here.

Making the decision to come here was honestly the best choice I made for myself. The staff was amazing and supportive, and I couldn't of asked for anything more. They really made one the hardest things I had to do in my life easier and as comfortable as it could be. They walked me through the procedure and there were no surprises. It was a private experience and I felt somewhat empowered being surrounded by such strong, kind woman. The procedure itself took maybe three minute, I had some cramping, however, less than ten minutes after the procedure I felt completely back to normal. Today is day two and besides very light cramping I feel great. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Fleischman and her staff. Thank you.

Excellent experience!

I had such a great experience here.. It was very private and accommodating. What stood out the most was how compassionate the staff was.. I felt really ill after the procedure and they did everything they could to help me get better and gave me positive reinforcement. They provided me with juice, snacks a heating pad for my stomach and an ice pack when it was too hot. The doctor and the nurses were so friendly and the procedure was very quick. I only cramped for a minute and for the most part It was painless. You have your own recovery room and they let you stay there until you feel okay to leave and give you a buzzer in case you need anything. I felt really cared for during this experience and not judged at all. When I got nervous during the procedure the nurse talked to me the entire time to help me get my mind off of it and they all gave me a hug before leaving.. they were all so nice. When I️ was feeling nervous the nurse gave me lavender oil to help me down. I️ would highly reccomend this place and would never consider another place to myself or anyone else! The facility is also very clean and very zen.

I will be forever grateful

If you have the money to spend, I promise you, it's worth it. The women that I encountered during here were beyond amazing. They made me feel comfortable, at ease and free to speak and ask questions as needed. I'm only a few short hours after my procedure and I feel completely normal aside from a teeny tiny bit of blood. No pain. The procedure itself wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined either. Dr. Fleischman and her whole staff are entirely focused on you as it's a private experience and to say that they are thorough is an understatement. They went above and beyond as far as my expectations and I truly couldn't be more grateful. Stop looking at other places. I promise, you won't regret it.

Going through this could be difficult for some people. I was so prideful and decided to go by myself. Dr. Fleischman and her staff were absolutely amazing. My personal nurse Francesca was my rock through everything. Her warmth of care put my mind at ease in knowing I was in the right place. They all were Beyond welcoming and it was a safe space to cry, vent and do the things I held back from doing because I was so prideful. If any women and family are going through and even thinking about going forth with termination, this place is one that I would highly recommend.

Best Place

I had a procedure done here 2 weeks ago and I just had to leave a review to say thank you to Dr. Fleischman and her staff for making such a hard experience as easy as possible. Everyone who works here is warm, comforting, and non judgmental. Even the receptionist is lovely, has a soothing voice, and makes you feel completely at ease from your first phone call to your appointment. The office is beautiful, smells like a spa, and does not have a sterile, medical vibe at all, like some other places. The doctor and nurse who performed the procedure were amazing, spoke with me first about my options, and made sure I felt as comfortable as possible throughout the whole ordeal. It was very emotional, and they did everything possible to make it less difficult for me. I also had an IUD put in immediately after the procedure. It is now 2 weeks later, I have had no complications, and feel so much better. I would highly recommend going here if you have decided to have an abortion. It is worth every cent. Initially, I had considered going to Planned Parenthood because it would be completely free with my insurance. However, I could not even get through to them on the phone after several tries and was not feeling good about waiting to make an appointment. When I found this place online and called them, I was able to make an appointment the very same day, and felt immediately better after talking with the receptionist. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Dr. Fleischman and her amazing staff. They are wonderful people. This is the place to go.


I just want to say thanks for making such a difficult experience the easiest it could possibly be. I feel so grateful to the staff who were wonderful and I felt incredibly well taken care of throughout the entire process. I’m so thankful I chose Early Options.

Thank you a million times

I found out I was pregnant before I was about to be put under for a back procedure. My boyfriend and I were in shock because we are so careful. I immediately scheduled an appointment at my local Planned Parenthood for the pill abortion and had to wait till the following Monday to do it because i had to be 5 weeks. I researched for days making sure this was the right choice. The day before my appointment at PP I stumbled upon Early Options and read the reviews. I couldn't believe how great they were. I called my boyfriend and he just wanted me to feel comfortable and safe. So I scheduled the appointment with EO for a Friday. The office reminded me of a spa and was welcoming. My boyfriend stayed with me the whole time and held me. The procedure was no more than 2 mins, not going to lie the last 30 seconds were the worst. I cried the whole time, I was so emotional. The nurse and the doctor were truly amazing and I can't thank them enough for everything. If you have the money please look into Early Options. They were great.

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