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New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
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 118 reviews
by IS on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®

I first contacted Early Options in May of last year when I discovered that I was pregnant. The same day I called to schedule an appointment, I wound up having a miscarriage, and so I wound up not needing the appointment after all. Not only were they incredibly compassionate over the phone, they refunded me my entire deposit. Fast forward to Election Day this year and I discover that, somehow, I'm pregnant again. Of course, I'm distraught--we were being so careful, and yet here we were. Thankfully, I already knew about Early Options from last year, so I contacted them right away.

The only downside was that I had to wait a week in order to be seen (I was only four weeks and two days pregnant when I found out, and you have to be at least five weeks in order to have the SofTouch procedure or the pill). I chose the SofTouch procedure because I had spent hours in agonizing pain when I had my miscarriage, and I wanted to try and avoid that this time around.

The day of the procedure, I was incredibly nervous, mostly about the possible physical pain--I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but my cramps have always been killer. It's the one pain that can send me into tears. Unfortunately, because my pregnancy was so early, the procedure went a lot more roughly than either myself or Dr. Fleischman predicted, which caused a considerable amount of pain--I'm actually pretty embarrassed with how much I wound up yelling/vocalizing through it (I really thought because of how horrid my regular cramps are, I'd be able to handle this no problem). Thankfully, Dr. Fleischman and the nurse who was in the room with me (I'm so sorry, I can't remember what her name was) were both incredibly compassionate and kept telling me how much of a trooper I was. Once Dr. Fleischman was done, I experienced some intense cramping that took about 15 minutes or so to disappear, but once it did, I felt nothing but relief. I definitely needed to take the rest of the day to rest, but overall I felt completely relieved.

Despite the intensity of the experience, I'm so glad that I chose the SofTouch procedure. I'm so grateful that I had the option to have a procedure that took five minutes as opposed to another agonizing series of hours while waiting to pass the pregnancy. Possibly most of all, I am so grateful that I was able to make the choice that was right for me, and that I was able to have this procedure done in such a compassionate and private space. Having my husband with me as my moral support was a HUGE help, and I'm sad that more clinics don't allow that option.

Big, BIG thank you to everyone at Early Options.

by zeineb on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Excellent care

Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate the excellent care and the emotional support I received in the clinic. The instructions before and after the procedure were clear, well explained, and successfull. It took me less than 15 minute to go back to my regular life with no pain and no ramping. Million thanks to Dr Fleishman and her team.

by Lilianna on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Safe and wonderful environment

The women at Early Options clinic were incredibly respectful, wise, professional, and kind. I felt safe and in good hands the entire time during my abortion. My experience felt valued and normalized at the same time, in that it was a big deal and treated as an important decision and procedure in my life, but also it felt like nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would recommend Early Options clinic for anyone needing an abortion.

by Crystal on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
So comforting

I had a horrible experience at a different “abortion options” clinic. Which gave no options at all, just a group of people pressuring me to keep a child I couldn’t care for. I found early options through google and all the reviews made me give it a try. I called at 7:30 am and the receptionist was very calm and comforting. I was able to get an appointment for 11:30 the same day. I went in for the procedure only to find out that I was already having a miscarriage and the procedure wasn’t necessary. But they still drew my blood to make sure. They refunded me $250 of the $500 that I paid as down payment since the procedure wasn’t needed, which I was grateful for. If you need to end your pregnancy choose this place. This is how these types of clinic’s should be run.

by Anonymous on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
The Only Option for a Difficult Situation

I honestly never thought I would be in the situation of needing an abortion and prior to my appointment, I never planned on writing a review. However, my extremely positive experience compelled me to write a review. And truthfully all the excellent reviews about Early Options were the only reason I ended up here. After endless research I decided that this was my only option. As a health conscious person it is very scary to trust a new doctor especially when there is very little research and information on the procedure. But all the positive reviews speak the truth. Fortunately, I have not had any prior abortion experiences, but it is clear from reading other reviews that my experience at Early Options is not the norm for women in this situation. The entire staff is so understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. I was extremely anxious the morning of the procedure but after speaking with Dr. Fleischman, I immediately knew I was in great hands. She has a soft, yet professional demeanor that is so comforting during the process. She took the time to talk me through everything and answer any questions or concerns I had. During the aspiration procedure I experienced some intense cramping which was not pleasant but certainly manageable. After about 15-20 minutes I was ready to leave and my morning sickness was already completely gone! I started cramping and spotting about 5 days after the procedure and a quick call to Dr. Fleishman assured me that this was normal. I ended up spotting on and off for about 2-3 weeks total. Because I was traveling out of the country 2 weeks after the procedure I kept in touch with Dr. Fleischman and the office and even went back in to ensure that everything was ok before my trip. While everyone's experience is slightly different, it is good to know that Dr. Fleischman is available throughout the entire process to answer questions, not just during the initial procedure. She is truly an incredible woman that is dedicated to bringing this comfortable, safe, and humane service to women. Every single woman should have this option and be treated with this level of respect and care. Thank you to the entire office for helping to make this very difficult situation into a more simple, positive one.

by Christine on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Amazing and caring staff for a hard decision

This decision was a very emotional and difficult one for me, as I never thought I would find myself in this situation. I arrived with my partner in a total emotional and devastated state, and each and every person was so patient and caring with me, allowing me the time to discuss and understand everything before I went through with the procedure. Dr. Fleischman sat down with me and my partner and talked with me about our situation and couldn't be more present, caring, and gentle with me. The procedure is not comfortable and at times painful, but it is very short and over before you know it. Then they give you plenty of time afterwards to recover and rest with your partner before gathering your things to head out. Dr. F even spoke with us after and I found it to be a pivotal and inspirational moment in my life. She and her entire staff are doing such important work and doing it in the most kind and caring way possible I couldn't be more grateful for their crucial services. I was so amazed and changed by the experience and it helped me self reflect in a way I didn't know was possible. For ANY woman having to make this difficult decision, THIS IS THE PLACE. Truly, look no further, this is how this experience is supposed to be handled. With humanity and care....I am so grateful for these women!

by Mari on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
serene, calm, clean, and private

A couple months ago, my husband and I, who were trying for our second child, learned that I had a blighted ovum at 9 weeks—meaning a gestational sac had developed but no baby. Having a pregnancy that is not viable in the first trimester is so common (one in four pregnancies are miscarried in the first trimester), but nevertheless it was disappointing, and more emotional than I expected.

The OB pushed me to get a D&C (short for Dilation and Curettage). For those who don’t know, D&C is an invasive procedure in which you insert misoprostol vaginally, you’re sedated, and an instrument is used to scrape your uterine lining. A partner is not allowed to be with patients during the procedure; it also requires a recovery period. I did not feel good about this option and the idea of invasive surgery.

After sharing this news with a friend, she recommended that I look up Early Options, and I’m so, so grateful I called them. My OB never mentioned MVA, even though it is approved by all OBGYN sources and journals. In fact, I read that "Compared to the sharp-curettage method, use of MVA requires less cervical dilatation and is associated with less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and a reduced need for anesthetic drugs. Vacuum aspiration methods (either manual or electric vacuum aspiration) are recommended over sharp curettage by the World Health Organization" (via I also found to be a very helpful resource in learning about MVA.

Early Options couldn’t have been a better place to go through this *together* with my husband. Not only was it a very serene, calm, clean, and private environment but the nurses and Dr. Fleischman who administered the procedure were compassionate, kind, and they listened to me. I've never had as much time, openness, and sincerity from a doctor as I had with Dr. Fleischman, which made the whole situation easier. The nurses and Dr. Fleischman provided me with clear information prior to-, during- and for after the procedure. They are all clearly passionate about what they do and the option and choices they offer women and couples. (FYI, Dr. F also noted that they offer their services on a sliding scale, if needed.) I left feeling at peace and totally comfortable, not in pain, not sedated. I slept so well that night and woke up energized, ready for a fresh start.

Not most women are given all their options; I wasn't with the OB practice I went to. And unfortunately, not many practices or doctors offer MVA; the cynical side of me believes this is because it is a much less costly procedure than D&C, where a practice might charge an insurance company $5000+.

Many women are pushed into D&C without having the time to digest the situation. I am so grateful I had all the information to decide on a method that was best for me, and I am so grateful to have found the team at Early Options.

by Anonymous on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Wonderful Experience for a Difficult Time

For a very difficult and emotional time, Early Options and Dr. F provide top of the line care, comfort and support. I was originally scheduled to get the pill from PP, but ended up doing some research on other options, and came across Early Options. From the first time I inquired to after the procedure, the care was amazing and constant.I had the procedure first thing in the morning and the staff went to great lengths to keep everything private and confidential. I only experienced minor cramping and then was overcome with a wave of emotions immediately after the procedure. Dr. F and the staff comforted me and made me feel as is everything I was going through was normal and acceptable. It also helped that my partner was with me in the room the entire time, which is not permitted at most other facilities.

We had tickets for a show in NYC in the afternoon and by the time that came around, I was feeling pretty much back to normal. The procedure could not have been easier, the facility is clean, the staff warm and welcoming, and Dr. F is really doing something great for women’s health by trying to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for women. As a professional woman with long hours, I was relieved to learn about Early Options and for a difficult time, the experience and care were exceptional. I applaud Dr. F and the staff at Early Options for their continued efforts to provide women with comfort and support through a difficult time - helping to make everything a little bit easier.

by Maddy on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Best Option for Heartwrenching Decision

I can't believe this isn't the standard for the way this procedure is handled. I was terrified & this was a heartwrenching decision & I can't imagine having done this anywhere else. From the moment you call, they answer the phone "doctor's office", the door is marked Women & Family health. Everyone is so sweet & genuine & treats you like a human being. The whole thing took maybe an hour. 20ish minutes of vitals/ standard questions. 10 minutes discussing options with the doctor. Then the procedure which in total took maybe 5 minutes. It felt like a routine trip to the gyno besides maybe 60 seconds of SUPER SEVERE & INTENSE cramping. The nurse held my hand, gave me a stress ball for the other hand & put a heating pad on my lower belly. They talked me through the process & changed the subject which made me completely forget about the cramping. Immediately I felt better & kept the heating pad on for 5-10 minutes afterwards. Then they brought me ginger ale & left me to clean up & get dressed for as long as I wanted. I never saw another patient the entire time I was there & I didn't feel rushed. It was about a 15 minute drive home and I felt perfectly fine & went back to work. I don't normally write reviews, but since the reviews brought me to this place & this place was my saving grace, I had to share. If you are going to make this decision, this is the place. I can't say enough wonderful things about the work they do- it is SO important.

by Claire on New York City Private Abortion Services - NYC - Safest Early Abortion Options | Early Options ®
Exceptionally Warm, Relaxing Environment

I left the clinic several hours ago and was beyond relieved that as the appointment went on, all the reviews were in line with my own experience. Every person I encountered was so gentle, relaxed and created a sense of normalcy and calm. Although this decision IS a big one, the consultation and procedure was by no means dramatic, rather caring yet practical and beyond informative for moving forward. I felt at ease the whole time. Even during the actual aspiration (which for me, at around 5 weeks, took less than 90 seconds) I felt in good hands. It is uncomfortable, then briefly painful, but definitely manageable and having a compassionate nurse who held my hand instantly made things ok. Cramping was the primary sensation and within 5 minutes after, I was feeling twice as better. I was leaving the clinic feeling able to take on the day within 10 or so minutes with a new birth control prescription and information on other clinics for other birth control methods (looking in to an IUD-though they do offer that here as well). I'm so glad this clinic is available. This was my first pregnancy and I could not imagine going any where else for an experience that could have otherwise been very painful or emotionally jarring. I dont ever write reviews but because the reviews I found on their website were a huge part of reason I chose this clinic, I felt the need to share my appreciation and positive experience! I feel nothing but relief and gratitude.

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