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Why Early Abortion Matters

A Woman Who Ended Her Pregnancy within 12 Hours from Finding Out with Her Partner  Why coming in early matters DOCTOR: So, you just finished a procedure about a half hour ago, and I thought something that would be important to talk about is how quickly you came in after finding out that you were

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Feeling Anxious and Uncertain about Having an Abortion?

How can I process the anxiety and the emotions of deciding to have an abortion?   DOCTOR: So you finished your procedure maybe 20 minutes ago? PATIENT: Yeah.   D: And I wanted to interview you because you were extremely anxious coming in today. You had come in for a visit a few days ago,

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Pain Sensitive Mom Shares Her Experience Deciding Between the Abortion Pill and SofTouch® Procedure

Pain and Privacy as Considerations for My Abortion      DOCTOR: Hi, so you just did a procedure about 20 minutes ago and how are you feeling? PATIENT: Good, normal. Back to myself. D: You’re going to leave here and go to work you said? P: Yes, back to work What is it like deciding

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Advice for a Woman and Her Partner When Considering an Abortion

Couple’s Clinic Experience vs. Early Options Office     DOCTOR: So, you just finished the procedure about 15-20 minutes ago PATIENT: Yes. D: And how are you doing? P: I’m doing great. It’s not at all what I expected. It’s a very simple procedure. I feel good. I thought that I was going to be more

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Having a Baby is a Big Step, I’m Not Ready Yet

Young Couple Share their Experiences Having an Abortion DOCTOR: So, you just finished doing the SofTouch procedure and it went well, I think? PATIENT: Yes, it did go very well. Going into the experience, I think I found out I was pregnant on Thursday, and immediately I was like, okay perfect now I have to think

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