early options

They helped me through a very negative experience with
kindness, compassion and professionalism. I have never been treated that well by anyone in the medical profession before

Making this decision can be emotional and overwhelming, but the support of the staff and ease of the SoftTouch® procedure turned what was initially a confusing and negative situation into a positive one.

I don’t understand why this procedure isn’t offered this way everywhere. It’s so easy. If I ever have a friend in this situation, I will absolutely be recommending Early Options®. It really is the best way to go.

After the procedure, I could feel a weight lift off my shoulders. I immediately felt relaxed again. I thought that I would be traumatized, but I’m not. I’m relieved.

If you are looking for a compassionate, safe environment to handle your family planning needs, look no further. All the stellar reviews are true. They actually care about their patients and their needs. And it makes all the difference.

Welcome to Early Options®, a revolutionary medical practice in New York City that specializes in early abortion and miscarriage with the SofTouch® method. Did you know that with SofTouch®, you can end an early pregnancy in just a few minutes? This natural, simple method is completed in a regular exam room, similar to your yearly pap test. Within minutes of completing the procedure, you will be able to leave our office and go about your normal activities. No surgery. No loud electric suction. No sharp instruments.

We have spent over 15 years developing our approach to patient care. It is transformative to be in an environment that is welcoming, respectful, and non-judgmental. You will not feel like you are in a traditional “clinic” but in a truly therapeutic and warm doctor’s office. A companion is welcome to be by your side.

What’s revolutionary? Just because this may be a difficult choice, it doesn’t mean you need to have a difficult medical experience. Every woman deserves the highest standards of medical care.

Let go of your worries, and let us care for you. You will leave feeling supported and confident that you can get pregnant when the time is right.