The SofTouch® Method:

Most Effective. Least Invasive.

Don’t settle for an invasive procedure when a soft touch is all that’s needed. That’s the philosophy behind SofTouch®: the safest, surest method for early pregnancy termination.

Pioneered by Early Options’ founding Harvard-trained physician, Doctor Joan Fleischman,  SofTouch® is today’s most natural and least invasive option for early abortion.

The SofTouch® method is a fast 2-5 minute process with minimal discomfort. Similar to an annual Pap smear, it’s performed in a calming exam room – not an operating room.

Unlike a surgical abortion, you don’t need to go to a recovery room. Simply relax in your own private room as long as you need to feel back to normal.

This usually takes 5-20 minutes.


The SofTouch® Method:

A Closer Look

SofTouch® is a type of manual aspiration procedure performed by one of our highly trained physicians. Manual aspiration is recommended as one of the safest methods by the World Health Organization.

It’s so gentle on your body, you’re welcome to eat or drink normally prior to your visit.

SofTouch® is over 99% effective in bringing about a natural abortion, that’s a higher effectiveness rate than the Abortion Pill, which has a 96-98% effectiveness rate.

Our physicians immediately verify by ultrasound if the pregnancy has been terminated. And you can leave our practice with certainty, and the assurance you need to move on with your life.

After researching abortion procedures, 9 out of 10 women elect for SofTouch® over the Abortion Pill in our Early Options practice.


The SofTouch® Difference:

Created Just for Early Pregnancies

Early pregnancy is different.

And so are the recommended methods for an early termination of pregnancy.

Natural and gentle, SofTouch® is preferred by women with early pregnancies who want to avoid the riskier surgical methods offered by most abortion clinics.

Click to view a chart with a side-by-side comparison of the differences between SofTouch® and Surgical D&C Abortion

See why women from around the world, and around the country travel to our New York City practice.


The SofTouch® Advantage:

Safe, Simple, Natural

Because SofTouch® is noninvasive and natural, you’re avoiding the risk of causing damage to your reproductive system.

If you plan to become pregnant in the future, SofTouch® will not impact your chances of conceiving, at the time that is right for you.

Because it’s a gentle manual aspiration procedure, SofTouch® is considered non-surgical. It’s why you’re able to eat or drink normally before your visit.

RED FLAG TO WATCH FOR: If an abortion clinic says it is performing an aspiration method, but tells you not to eat or drink anything before midnight, it may be a surgical abortion. Surgical abortion is invasive and is unnecessary for treating early pregnancy.

The SofTouch® procedure is straightforward and swift – just 2-5 minutes.

One of our physicians gently inserts a soft, flexible tube through the natural opening of your cervix, and applies light pressure. This quietly releases your late period and induces a miscarriage.

SofTouch® is also simpler than the Abortion Pill, which involves lengthy cramping and bleeding.

Natural means nothing unnecessary is added to the SofTouch® method.

It’s a gentle aspiration procedure: No loud machines, no metal tools, no anesthesia.

And it’s a choice that’s easier on your body – and your peace of mind.

Since SofTouch® brings about a natural release of your period, you can get back to life right away.


The SofTouch® Method:

Step by Step

  1. First, you’ll meet with one of our caring physicians in a private exam room to discuss your options. She will offer you medications to ensure your comfort. Your companion is welcome.
  2. Your dedicated clinical assistant will talk you through what to expect both during and after the procedure.
  3. The physician will confirm the dates of your last menstrual period by ultrasound.
  4. You can then lie down on a comfortable exam table in the same position you would for a Pap smear.
  5. You may talk with your dedicated clinical assistant and/or your companion for 3-4 minutes while the physician prepares for the procedure.
  6. While the physician performs the SofTouch® aspiration procedure, you will experience 1-2 minutes of strong cramping.
  7. The physician repeats an ultrasound to confirm the early pregnancy termination.
  8. You will remain in your private exam room to recover, which typically take 10-15 minutes, or until you feel ready to leave our practice.
  9. The physician will check in with you and review what to expect going forward.
  10. Most women feel well enough to resume their normal daily activities after leaving our practice.


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