Early Abortion Options

Earlier Means Safer, Simpler Options
Your pregnancy is considered early if you’ve just missed a period or two. And this is the pregnancy timeframe we specialize in at Early Options. Our practice is unique in that we only offer the gentlest natural pregnancy termination methods – in a calming, supportive environment. No surgery. No complex procedures. No lengthy recovery time. It’s why women come to us from all over NYC, America, and throughout the world.


Empower Yourself: Understand Your Options, Then Decide
Most abortion clinics would perform the same invasive surgical abortion whether your pregnancy was in week 4 or month 4. These abortion procedures involve scraping or electric suction while you’re under general anesthesia. But Early Options isn’t an abortion clinic, we’re a private practice built on early options for ending early pregnancies. Our natural methods are noninvasive because your safety and comfort come first. In fact, we’re America’s only practice that welcomes a companion – male or female – to be at your side during the entire process.


Comfort from Common Sense
Many women feel relief after getting the medical facts about early pregnancy, and what is actually happening in their body. If you are under 10 weeks, the pregnancy consists of menstrual-like tissue and a small bubble of fluid between the size of a pea and a coin. It’s also too soon to tell if your pregnancy would even be viable. Typical abortion doctors often don’t have the time to explain these reassuring facts to you…we do. If you’re undecided about whether or not to have an abortion, come talk to us. Get the facts you need in a no-pressure, compassionate consultation with one of our physicians.

Compare Early Options to a Clinic

Early Options® NYC Abortion Clinics*
Few patients scheduled each day High volume of patients
One patient scheduled at a time Many patients scheduled at one time
Private waiting area, little or no wait Large crowded waiting rooms, long waits
Meet with a female physician to discuss your early abortion options No private consultation with the doctor who will perform the procedure
A dedicated Clinical Assistant with you during your entire visit You see multiple staff members, and move station to station
You’re fully clothed until the procedure You wear a paper gown in a waiting area
All medical care in private exam room Surgical abortion in an operating room
Recovery in your private exam room Moved to common recovery room
Companion welcome during entire visit Your companion stays in waiting room
Average appointment time 1-2 hours Average appointment time 4-6 hours
*Based upon the typical experience at abortion clinics in New York City

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