After Abortion

(After Abortion FAQ)

What should I expect after my SofTouch® procedure?

After your SofTouch® procedure, you will recover in your private exam room for as long as you’d like - typically 10-20 minutes. The physician will check in with you and review what to expect going forward. Most women feel well enough to resume their normal daily activities after leaving our practice.

What should I expect after taking the Abortion Pill?

You’ll take the first pill in our office. Afterwards, you will feel normal and can continue normal daily activities. 6-72 hours later, you will take the second pill at home. Within hours, you will likely experience an early miscarriage. This is where you’ll likely experience some cramping and bleeding heavier than a period for several hours. Usually, by the next day, your bleeding is like a heavy period. Within a week, you will return to Early Options® for a follow-up ultrasound. For most women, this will confirm that the miscarriage was successful. You may experience spotting or irregular bleeding for weeks to months. Your physician will discuss what to expect in the coming weeks.

How long do I have to wait after an abortion before going back to work?

If you choose the SofTouch® procedure, you will feel normal within 15 minutes and can immediately return to work or school right after you leave our office! If you choose to take the Abortion Pill, you will set aside 2-4 hours to complete the miscarriage after you leave our office. Some women prefer to take the day off to complete the miscarriage or choose to do it over the weekend. We can help you figure out the best plan for you.

How soon after my abortion will I be able to have sex or use tampons?

With the Abortion Pill, you should wait three days after taking the second set of pills before putting anything in your vagina. With the SofTouch® method, you should wait 48 hours before putting anything in your vagina.

When will I get my next period?

It can be hard to predict your next normal period, as there is typically irregular bleeding after ending a pregnancy. Most women get their period 4-6 weeks after SofTouch® or the Abortion Pill.

What if it doesn’t work?

With the SofTouch® method, we are usually able to confirm that the pregnancy is over before you leave the office. If the pregnancy is too early, you will need to get a blood test and come back for a follow up. In the less than 1% chance that it fails, you can choose between SofTouch® or the Abortion Pill. There is no added cost. The Abortion Pill has a failure rate of 2-4 times out of 100. If it doesn’t work, you can try the pill a second time, or get the SofTouch® procedure. There is no added cost.

Can I get pregnant after abortion?

Yes, definitely. The SofTouch® method or the Abortion Pill do not cause problems for future pregnancy. They are both natural, non surgical methods. In fact, you can get pregnant within weeks after an abortion, so it is important to practice prevention right away.

How do I know if I’m pregnant again after an abortion?

If you suspect pregnancy after abortion, it can be difficult to tell if you are in fact pregnant. After an abortion, the at-home pregnancy tests can remain positive for over a month. The most accurate way to tell is through a blood test.

I am pregnant right after an abortion. Is this a problem?

If you are pregnant right after an abortion, there are no concerns about either continuing the pregnancy or ending the pregnancy. If you decide to end the pregnancy, a second non- surgical abortion is safe. There is no evidence that repeat abortions cause any problems for future fertility. If you decide to continue the pregnancy, there is no reason to be concerned. If the uterus was ready to conceive, it should be ready to carry the pregnancy.

How soon can I start birth control?

Most birth control can be started the day of your visit or by the following week. At Early Options®, many women choose to get an IUD inserted the day they do their SofTouch® procedure. We offer a wide range of contraceptive options so that you can choose the right one for your lifestyle.