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Excellence and Compassion

After my experience at Early Options, I am left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the exceptional care I received. At every step in the process, Dr. Virani and her excellent assistant (whose name I regretfully have forgotten) made me feel safe, supported, and at ease. Having my husband holding my hand through the entire process was a great comfort to me, and we both appreciated how Dr. Virani took the time to explain everything that was happening and made sure we felt good the whole way through. The procedure itself was very quick and not painful. When I experienced some strong cramping at home afterward, Dr. Virani was available to answer my questions about what I was feeling and even called back a little later to check in on me. I am forever grateful to have gone through this experience surrounded by such compassion and warmth. These women are my new heroes.

Best experience I could have ever hoped for.

This practice is phenomenal. Everyone is smart, sensitive, knowledgeable, reassuring and 100% professional. My only regret is that this level of service is not available to every woman who needs it.

Excellent, Compassionate, Confidential

I cannot recommend this practice more. The professional, discrete, knowledgable women of this practice treated me with respect and compassion throughout. Going in, I was feeling vulnerable and emotional. And I was made to feel safe and supported. My comfort and well-being were of paramount importance to everyone who cared for me. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, you deserve the very best medical and emotional care. This practice will provide that to you.

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this place was. Of course I wish nobody has to go through this but if you do this is the calmest, safest, most private place. Every single person that works there is absolutely amazing. They make you feel extra comfortable.Once I found out I was pregnant I was more than nervous. On top of that, having type one diabetes did not help at all. My mom actually found this place for me. They tell you what is going to happen. They give you alone time before the procedure and after it. You can take as long as you want to lay down after it (not that you need more then 20 minutes.)I went with the soft touch method. It was quick, the cramps were definitely heavier than period cramps but very manageable. They give you everything you need (water, heating pad and most of all confidence in your decision and yourself). Nothing but smiles on all the Dr's faces. I couldn't thank them enough for helping me through this tough journey.Of course the procedure itself isn't pleasant or comfortable but the setting itself is very comfortable to be in while you're going through something so hard. Do not read other stuff on the internet. There is A LOT of false information. There are also no protestors outside making you feel like a horrible person. I truly advise anyone to come here.Thank you to all the doctors! You made this 10 times easier then it originally was!

the most intense decision and experience

I'm 37 years old and learned about a month ago about my pregnancy. It was unplanned and has stirred up a lot of very strong and conflicting emotions.On the one hand, I've always wanted to become a mother, and I have no idea how much longer my body will allow me to have a baby. On the other hand, my desire for motherhood isn't so all-consuming that I feel equipped to be a single parent. (I make a professional salary but am not independently wealthy). I'm with someone I care very much about, but things between us have been (and are) very unstable and uncertain.I went back and forth quite a lot before coming to understand that now is not the time for me. It was (and is and will continue to be) a rough decision. But I'm so glad I came to early options for my care.Dr. Fleischman and her assistant could not have been more kind, understanding, comforting, or patient. The Softtouch procedure was gentle and quick and, for me, painless. (I felt some discomfort that i had to breathe through, but it never rose to pain).After it was over, I was flooded with emotion. I burst into tears and had a really visceral cry. I couldn't help it. Again, Dr. Fleischman and her assistant could not have responded in a more comforting or loving way. I truly felt cared for, which really means the world.


Based on my experience I recommend this place without a doubt. I had two experience of pregnancy terminations. My first was by Columbus Circle, the place is call Westside Woman's Medical Pavilion. The place was a nightmare. I was kept in waiting rooms for hours. They put me to sleep and they had absolutely no consideration at all. People were rude and almost angry to help. I was the last one leaving because I had a nervous shock after the procedure. They were rushing me to recover and leave. As a whole it was a traumatizing experience. Not to mention that after 4 days from the procedure I was supposed to be completely recover but I had a severe bleeding event. All my jeans were cover in blood down to my knees. This people claimed to do soft touch when they really just chopped your vagina. After four years I got pregnant again, I did some research about EARLY OPTIONS and it was the best I could've done. My experience was completely different. I didn't have to wait at all to be inside the doctors office. I had consultation and personalized customer service. I did not see any other women in the establishment other than my companion and the nurses, Doctor and receptionist. They all took great care of me and were concerned about every need. The procedure itself was fast I was awake the whole time and i was ready to go after recuperation. I even got a sweet chocolate with some hot towels to refresh myself before leaving the center. AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH for the love and the service.

The Best Option

My Partner and I traveled from the Cayman Islands this past weekend just to get my abortion done at Early Options. When I found out I was pregnant me and my partner were both scared and sad because I'm only 17 and being my age and pregnant is a lot. To me this was a clear choice to make. Of course I was very nervous and worried what might go wrong but the Staff is so amazing, they made me feel so safe and comfortable. What I was most worried about is what they might think of me, but they were so supportive it made me feel like they were friends i knew for years.The procedure took at least 5 mins at the MOST because, when she told me she was done I was like "Already?". The pain was just like period cramps, which in my opinion you barely feel.If you are looking for a place to trust? Its definitely Early Options. If you're scared, take it from me - you have nothing to worry about. They respect your privacy and what you want to keep yourself comfortable.I 100% DO NOT think I made a mistake going to Early Options. Thank you again Ladies - you ladies helped me out a lot.


I am so grateful that I found this place. After doing a ton of research I decided this was the place for me. From the first call, I knew I had made the right decision. The staff is extremely pleasant and friendly, very kind and very understanding. The office is calming and serene and smelled delicious which made the entire process easier and smoother for me. They allowed my fiancé in the procedure room with me which helped a ton and the assistants stayed by side the entire time. I walked in the day of my appointment a little anxious but felt at ease the minute I was greeted by all the friendly faces. I was moved to my room and was explained everything thoroughly. The assistants went over the side effects and warning signs that I should look out for, but reassured me that these were very rare and it was really mostly for precaution. Dr. Fleischman then walked into the room and explained to me the procedure as well. I lay down on the table and was put in a typical Pap smear position. The prep part of it felt just like any other GYN visit I've had. The actual procedure was very uncomfortable for me but definitely not painful. The cramps were rough but bearable and the assistants who were just lovely young woman, kept me talking and laughing and really just kept my mind off of the procedure. Once it was over, I was able to lay in the room for as long as I needed which was nice and was brought hot towels and chocolate to make me feel better. I was also provided with wipes and pads. When I was ready to leave everyone came in and made sure I was ok and ready. I received hugs from the entire staff which made me feel loved and cared for as well as antibiotics to take that same day and pain killers in case I needed them. I had some cramps that same day but nothing intense. It just felt like the first day on my period. I didn't need to take any painkillers for the cramps because it wasn't hard to deal with them. I had this procedure yesterday and today I feel pretty normal again. I highly recommend this place to anyone going through this difficult time. You won't feel judged just loved and understood. Everything about this place is incredible and well worth the price.

Thank you

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the biggest and most devastating shocks of my life. I am 23 now, and for as long as I can remember I have suffered from intense anxiety which could never compare to what I was feeling for the two weeks that I knew I was pregnant. I was violently ill and every time I got sick it was a horrible reminder of what was going on with my body. Conflicted with guilt and fear, abortion was not an easy decision. When I found the Early Options website, I found a wealth of information that re-assured me that I was making an educated decision that I could be confident in. On the day of my appointment, I was blown away by how professional, private, and comfortable the environment was. The doctors and doctor's assistants went above and beyond to explain every step and to make me feel at ease. The entire time I was there I felt like I had an entire support team. The procedure was tough, but it was nothing compared to two weeks of illness... And the amount of care I received made it all okay. I don't think I could have done any of this without them. The words thank you are not adequate enough. Upon leaving, I felt not only relief, but hope. Hope for a new future that I truly get to have now. I feel free. And I feel that I have grown from this experience. Thank you for what you have done for me, and what you do for women. You are workers of light.

I Highly recommend the Soft Touch procedure, HERE

Caring, highly professional and knowledgeable. They took so much off of my shoulders, I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to the entire staff here. This is a tough enough process to think about and google search results are far from comforting when making this decision. Stop looking. You found the right place. The Soft Touch procedure was super quick with very minor discomfort, and you go right back to daily activities. From the first phone call to the moment I was out of the building, my experience was nothing short of exceptional (for as exceptional as going through this alone could be). Not only is the website far more informative than traditional clinics, the explanations focus on informing you of the actual physiology of what is happening to your body in your current state. Anyone like myself struggling with your morality or religious/societal concerns, an accurate explanation of where my body is at at this time helped to give me peace of mind and help me make peace with my decision. The pleasant and EASY TO TALK TO staff making your appointment and answering questions, to the lovely young woman who literally held my hand and didn't leave my side, to the incredible and gentle doctor who I couldn't have asked for better. Every one was highly knowledgeable, and attentive. No one made me feel any sort of way for making my decision, and the respect for patient privacy is second to none. The staff not only provided a service today, they GENUINELY cared for me and my well-being throughout my entire visit, even ensuring there were no other patients in sight at any point (unlike crowded clinic waiting rooms ). A heartfelt thank you to each of you ladies today who are so passionate about what you do it shows exponentially. It was beyond comforting and the procedure was quick, and simple again with only minimal discomfort and NO LONG TERM damage to your body. I haven't even needed the second Ibuprofen, and a few hours i am, moving around furniture. I look forward to using OB/GYN services when I am ready to start my family in the future!

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