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Our Promise: Your Privacy, Comfort, and Care Come First
As pioneers of the natural, non-surgical SofTouch® method, Early Options has raised the bar in women’s healthcare. We’ve also set higher standards for your peace of mind. Early Options is not an abortion clinic; we’re a private, therapeutic practice dedicated to your comfort. Discover how we’re revolutionizing care for women…


Ultimate Privacy and Discretion
Early Options is different from a clinic at every step, starting when you walk into our quiet, peaceful facility. You can take confidence in our “Privacy in Practice” philosophy. This means we only schedule visits one at a time, with space between appointments so it’s highly unlikely you’ll see another patient. But you will see one of our team members right away, who will guide you through the process with warmth and compassion – from the reception area into your private exam room.

Your Early Advantage: More Options, Less Invasive
Just as our name implies, Early Options solely specializes in early pregnancy termination. This empowers us to provide you with noninvasive and non-surgical early abortion options, from the Abortion Pill to our gentle SofTouch® method. Our methods are so gentle on your body that you’re able to eat or drink normally prior to your visit. Most abortion clinics only offer a one-size-fits-all surgical procedure that is effective for late pregnancy, but much more invasive and unnecessary if you’ve just missed a few periods. Compare our early options to surgical procedures, here.

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Private, one-on-one, personalized care with a comforting touch

Get Back to Your Life. Today.
“That’s it?” is a typical response after the SofTouch® method. It is a refreshingly quiet, quick (2-5 minutes), and straightforward procedure performed with local anesthetic in an exam room, not an operating room. You’re not put to sleep or subjected to a lengthy recovery time as you would be at a surgical clinic. You’re able to eat and drink as you would any other day. That’s the difference of a soft touch. You may eat and drink normally before and after your visit. And most women leave our practice and return to their lives that same day.

Woman to Woman (and Man)
While Early Options is staffed exclusively by woman, from our front office team to our physicians, we welcome your partner.  In fact, we’re the only practice in the U.S. that allows a man to be by his partner’s side throughout the entire process – even the procedure. That’s because at Early Options, you control your experience. You may bring any companion you’d like: your significant other, a friend, a family member. Or, if you prefer to come alone, you’ll have support from our compassionate staff at every step.


Facts First…Always
Our philosophy at Early Options is to de-mystify what’s involved in terminating a pregnancy. We provide clear facts based on science and recommendations from internationally recognized healthcare leaders such as WHO (World Health Organization). Most women feel relief and a sense of calm after understanding how safe, noninvasive, and natural early abortion options really are, such as the SofTouch® aspiration abortion method.