Our Practice

Empowering You with Natural Options. Supporting You with Compassion.  

Many call our commitment to natural, noninvasive methods revolutionary. We just believe it’s what women deserve.

Since 1999, when Early Options first opened its doors, we’ve stayed true to our founding mission: to provide the highest level of women’s healthcare in the least invasive manner. This belief led our founder, Doctor Joan Fleischman, to pioneer the SofTouch® method – internationally recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) as the safest, most natural way to end an early pregnancy.

What’s best for a woman’s overall wellbeing – body and mind – guides how we run our practice each day. That means we only offer gentle yet highly effective methods. It means 24/7 access to a physician from our woman-only team. And it means treatment in a soothing, supportive atmosphere unlike a typical abortion clinic – you’re even invited to have a companion with you at every step. This makes us different.

But what makes us different, has made us the practice of choice for women in New York, throughout America, and across the world.


Our Practice. Your Advantage.
We understand that considering an abortion can be challenging for many women. But once you’ve made your decision – or are ready to talk with a healthcare provider about your options – you face yet another choice: where to get an abortion. This matters more than you may think.

Even if you’re in the earliest stages of pregnancy, many abortion clinics perform invasive surgeries designed for mid- to late-term abortions. These procedures carry risks to your fertility and require longer recovery times. There are many abortion clinics in NYC who offer the same surgery whether you are early or further along in your pregnancy. It’s easier on them, not you.

But because we solely specialize in early pregnancy, we offer gentler alternatives that are equally effective. We only provide natural, noninvasive methods for safely ending an early pregnancy in a warm, caring environment. Discover why we’re your best option…

A Truly Calming Atmosphere
No crowded waiting rooms. No loud machines. No chilly operating rooms.  What you will experience is an entire woman-only team of physicians and assistants catering to your comfort and care in a private and relaxing space.

Our “Privacy in Practice”
We make our best efforts to ensure you won’t see another patient while you are in our practice. Unlike a clinic, only one patient is scheduled at time. Even at private abortion clinics, you may see many couples and patients in the waiting area. But here, you’re taken directly to your own private exam room where you’ll stay for your entire visit. And of course, everything we discuss is confidential.

America’s Only Companion-Friendly Practice
It’s hard to believe, but we’re the only practice in the U.S. that allows a companion of your choice – male or female – to be by your side throughout the entire process. We welcome men to be there for the women they love. Of course you may choose to come alone, but a member of our woman-only team is always available to provide support if you need it.

A Personalized Experience by Women…For Women
Getting an abortion can make even the strongest woman feel vulnerable. That’s why our staff is only made up of women: From our team of assistants to our board-certified physicians available to you 24/7. Everyone on the Early Options team wants to support other women with compassion and high-quality care. So go ahead, express any emotion you’re feeling, ask questions – and ask for whatever you need to feel comfortable and in control.