It’s common and normal to feel conflicted about your decision to end a pregnancy. Often, women are the most clear about their feelings when they see the pregnancy test turn positive. Then, they start to second guess their instincts.

While there is no pressure, it is often true that waiting to make the decision can be more confusing than clarifying.  In a week’s time, pregnancy hormones exponentially increase by fifteen times.  This, along with lack of sleep, stress, and dealing with other people’s opinions and judgments, can intensify indecision.

At Early Options®, we provide the opportunity to come in and talk to a doctor, get an ultrasound, and talk about your options.  We also are good at listening to the back and forth feelings you may be having.  It can be helpful to come in and talk to someone who is neutral so that you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Having a baby is the biggest decision of your life. Your entire life’s priorities change. It’s important to have what you need to be able to give your full commitment when the time is right for you.