It’s central to our mission to include men in our Early Options® medical visits.  As a couple, you both created this situation. As a couple, you can go through the process of making your decision and ending the pregnancy.

You, the men can be activists in the process.  You can have honest conversations about how you feel about the pregnancy. You can do the research to find the right medical care. You can help her to ask the right questions. You can be by her side during the SofTouch® method, or at home with the Abortion Pill. You can learn about birth control choices. You can make sure she feels taken care of during a difficult time.

If you have respect and honesty, going through the process of ending a pregnancy can be a rich time, even when you are feeling differently from each other.  It’s a ripe opportunity to talk about what you want in life, how you see having children, what you would need to have to be excited about a positive pregnancy test, and how you feel your relationship is going.

It is our hope that you can actually become closer by going through this together.  When you can be together through something hard, it can strengthen your relationship.

Early options gave my partner and I the opportunity to face one of the most difficult decisions in our lives together with a sense of confidence knowing that we were in the best hands possible. The experience as emotional as it was, was equally empowering and transformational.