Most women feel alone when going through the experience of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.  The pregnancy hormones alone can make you feel that you are living in another world than everyone around you.

In addition, it’s hard to find information or know who to talk to.  The internet is not a safe place to get accurate information.  It can be hard to talk to your partner, your doctor, your mother, your sister, or your best friend.  It’s hard to know who will really be there for you, without being caught up in their own opinions about what’s right for your life.

But you are not alone.  It’s normal.  One out of three women ends a pregnancy at least once in her life.  At Early Options®, we help you to go through your own unique experience.  By being able to express what you are going through, you may also find richness and meaning at this important crossroad of your life.

Being in an environment with only woman meant so much, not only were they incredibly kind and nurturing, but were patient in answering all of my questions and stayed with me during my entire visit. I never felt alone, it was truly an incredibly warm, reassuring and genuine environment I will never forget.