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Get the Complete, Accurate Picture of Early Pregnancy
Misinformation has made its way into our media landscape. We’ve all seen the images of pregnancy termination that involve a fully developed fetus. This is simply NOT what’s happening in early pregnancy, or even during mid-term. In early pregnancy – which is 10 weeks or less from the first day of your last period – the body is primarily just preparing itself for pregnancy.


How Early Pregnancy is Different
The most visible evidence of early pregnancy is the buildup of menstrual-like tissue. Everything else is invisible, except a small, fluid-filled sac between the size of a pea and a half dollar. The pregnancy itself has not developed, which is why an early abortion is more like a miscarriage or heavy menstrual flow. In fact, it’s too soon to tell if a pregnancy would be viable at this stage. This is why most women wait to announce a pregnancy until they’re well into their second trimester.


Early Pregnancy Gives You Early Options
At these early stages, terminating a pregnancy can be safe, simple, and natural through our 2-5 minute noninvasive SofTouch® method. For those who want to bring about a miscarriage in the privacy of their own home over a 24-72 hour timeframe, the Abortion Pill is another natural choice. Whichever option you select, our team of woman-only physicians and assistants are ready to support you with attentive, expert care.

See For Yourself: The Steps of Early Pregnancy

early pregnancy

Every month the uterus develops a lining called the endometrial lining or menstrual lining. This lining sheds naturally with the monthly period.

If conception occurs, the lining does not shed. After the missed period, the lining is now called “decidua” and it becomes thicker to get ready for the pregnancy.

early pregnancy

At five weeks of pregnancy (one week after the missed period) a gestational sac forms. The gestational sac is a thin membrane filled with fluid; this sac would later develop into the amniotic sac. Initially, the gestational sac is the size of a pea.

early pregnancy

At seven weeks of pregnancy (three weeks after the missed period) the gestational sac is the size of a small grape. Cells start to cluster inside the sac, and can be identified on ultrasound but they are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

early pregnancy

At nine weeks of pregnancy (five weeks after the missed period) the gestational sac is the size of a half dollar. An early visible embryo begins to form around 10 weeks of pregnancy.


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