Early Pregnancy

Understand Early Pregnancy, So You Can Take Early Action
“Is my pregnancy considered early?” That’s a frequent question we’re asked at Early Options. If your pregnancy is under 10 weeks, calculated from the first day of your last period, then it’s an early pregnancy. This empowers you to choose a safe, natural method for bringing about the return of your period. At this stage, choosing pregnancy termination is like having a miscarriage.


What’s Happening to You During Early Pregnancy
Our patients are often surprised to learn that prior to 10 weeks, when you have missed one or two periods, the pregnancy itself is a small bubble of fluid, called the gestational sac, along with tissue similar to menstrual tissue. That’s it. Your body is simply preparing itself to support a pregnancy. Many women find these proven, scientific facts reassuring.


The Power of Choice: You’ve Got Options
If you’re under 10 weeks in your pregnancy, you’re able to choose between two natural, early options: the Abortion Pill and the SofTouch® method. We’ve created a helpful comparison chart for guidance on which option is right for you. Or, just schedule a private appointment to talk with us in person. Whichever natural abortion method you choose, you can feel confident by acting early: you’re protecting your wellbeing – both physically and emotionally. By selecting a natural option, you avoid the risks of invasive techniques, such as electric suction, or scraping.


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