For Men

You’re Welcome Here
Early Options is America’s best option for couples seeking early pregnancy termination. That sounds like quite a claim, but it’s true. Early Options is the only practice in the United States that allows you, as a man, to be by a women’s side throughout the entire process – even during the procedure.

Or, you’re welcome to join her for just part of the visit. It’s up to her. However involved you are, you’ll feel comfortable at our practice – so you can focus on supporting her.


Our Priority is Her Comfort and Care
Many men want to show their concern and care by helping to select where to get an abortion. If you’re searching for the right practice – where she will be treated with dignity and respect – you’re in the right place. While earlier is better when it comes to natural abortion options, don’t become frantic and search for the nearest abortion clinic. You may be exposing her to an unnecessary and highly invasive surgical abortion, more suited for the second term of pregnancy.


Our Exclusive Privacy in Practice
There are many reasons we are the preferred practice for those searching for private abortion clinics in NYC. Our patients especially appreciate our “Privacy in Practice” philosophy that makes privacy a priority – not an afterthought. We’ve designed systems to protect your privacy to the best of our ability: appointments are scheduled one at a time, and only rarely will a patient see anyone besides our staff in the office. In fact, couples come in from beyond Manhattan, across the country, and around the world because of our reputation for ultimate care, comfort, and discretion. Get to know more about what it’s like at our practice.


Here for You, So You Can Be There for Her
We’re here to help you understand what she’s going through both emotionally and physically. We’ve found many couples feel comforted once they learn what early pregnancy really is. At this stage, the pregnancy itself has not developed and the body is only preparing for it. This means that your options are much safer and gentler on her body. From the Abortion Pill to the 2-5 minutes non-surgical SofTouch® method, we’re here to help you decide the best abortion method for your situation.


What She’s Going Through Emotionally: A Closer Look
Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be challenging for you both. It’s important to remember she may have strong emotions and some of them may be directed at you. Pregnancy hormones can accentuate anything she is feeling. We’ve found that one of the best things you can do is listen – and then express your support. She is ultimately the one who has to undergo the process to end an early pregnancy, so affirming her decision is a powerful way to show her you care.


10 Ways to Support Her

  1. Be Honest. While women have to make the final decision, knowing how you think and feel makes a big difference.
  2. Don’t Shy Away From Extreme Emotions. Both of you may be very emotional. Listen, and be there for her. You don’t need to understand every feeling that she is going through.
  3. Understand That It Is Her Decision. It may not be fair, or right, but you are not in control. You can work together to make the best decision for everyone involved. Direct your energy into supporting her. Offer to pay for the procedure.
  4. Find the Best Medical Care. Deciding where to get an abortion is very important. Your partner deserves to end the pregnancy naturally and safely with a medical abortion or non-surgical abortion procedure. If you have questions you can always schedule a private consultation together with one of our physicians.
  5. Don’t Delay. If you and your partner are considering ending a pregnancy, you can make an appointment to talk with us privately – even if she hasn’t made a decision. The earlier, the better. Explore your options, here.
  6. Pamper Her. Let her know you are there for her. Your loving presence and gestures mean a lot. A soft touch or a reassuring smile goes a long way.
  7. Let Her Be Angry. You’re both going through this emotionally, but she is the one who has to go through it physically.
  8. Reach Out to Other People. One of the hardest parts about going through an unwanted pregnancy is that nobody talks about it! It’s more common than you think. Try reaching out to friends, or schedule a private consultation with one of our physicians.
  9. Take Responsibility for Preventing the Next Pregnancy. Learn more about your birth control options and play an active role in making the decision together.
  10. It’s Going to Be Ok. At Early Options, we have a lot of expertise in helping couples just like you, navigate this situation. Our goal is that you leave feeling good about your decision – and her medical abortion care.