SofTouch® at Early Options

  • Gentle hand-held device
  • Private exam room
  • Companion by your side
  • Recover privately
  • Eat and drink normally
  • Resume normal activities immediately
  • No sedation needed

Typical Surgical Abortion

  • Electric suction machine
  • Operating room
  • Companion not welcome
  • Recover with other patients
  • Fast from the night before
  • Resume normal activities next day
  • IV/Sedation

Early Options® was founded to provide women with revolutionary treatments that put their comfort, reproductive health, and peace of mind first. That’s why we offer the natural, noninvasive SofTouch® method for gently removing miscarriage tissue from a failed pregnancy.

Performed with skill and compassion by a physician from our women-only team, in a calming exam room, SofTouch® takes just 2-5 minutes. It is also called Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and it’s not surgery. You’re welcome to have a companion by your side during the entire process – we’re one of the only practices across the country to allow this. You’re also able to eat or drink normally prior to your visit. The miscarriage procedure itself is quick, noninvasive, and easy on your body. Using a small hand-held device, your physician will quietly release your miscarriage.

Kindness, Compassion, and Gentler Options During a Difficult Time
If you’re dealing with a miscarriage, Early Options® understands how your entire life can feel turned upside down. Even with the loss of your pregnancy, hormones are still adding to an already emotional time. Your joy and excitement has turned to sadness – maybe even confusion. This is especially true if your OB-GYN suggests you schedule a surgical D&C.

Other OB-GYNs may ask you to “watch and wait” for pregnancy tissue to pass, even though you’re in agony. “Watch and wait” can take weeks, prolonging your physical and emotional pain. Neither option has your best interest in mind. SofTouch®  (MVA) is a better option to release your pregnancy tissue so that you’ll be able to conceive again whenever you’re ready.

The Advantages of SofTouch® for Miscarriage Treatment
After all you’ve been through, you deserve to be treated in a soothing, comfortable environment. Discover the advantages of SofTouch ®

The SofTouch® Method for Miscarriages:
Step by Step


  1. First, you’ll meet with one of our caring physicians in a private exam room to review the brief 3-5 minute process. She will offer you medications to ensure your comfort. Your companion – male or female – is welcome.
  2. Your dedicated clinical assistant will talk you through what to expect both during and after the procedure.
  3. The physician will gently and quickly confirm miscarriage by ultrasound.
  4. You can then lie down on a comfortable exam table in the same position you would for a Pap smear.
  5. You may talk with your dedicated clinical assistant and/or your companion for 3-4 minutes while the physician prepares for the procedure.
  6. While the physician performs the SofTouch® (MVA) aspiration procedure, you will experience 1-2 minutes of strong cramping.
  7. The physician will repeat an ultrasound to confirm that the tissue has been removed.
  8. You will remain in your private exam room while you recover, which typically takes 10-20 minutes, or until you feel ready to leave our practice.
  9. The physician will check in with you and review what to expect going forward.
  10. Most women feel well enough to resume their normal daily activities after leaving our practice.

That’s why the SofTouch® method is the safest, and most effective. Discover the advantages of SofTouch®:

  • Take control: there’s no need to “watch and wait” and wonder when your miscarriage will occur.
  • Pregnancy symptoms start to resolve immediately; hormonal surges subside.
  • Emotionally, you can let go, and move forward with your life.
  • The quiet procedure takes 3-5 minutes to complete in a private exam room – not an operating room.
  • There is minimal bleeding and no general anesthesia.
  • Your preferred companion can be by your side during the procedure.
  • You can immediately resume your normal activities.
  • It is 100% safe for future pregnancies.
  • You can start trying again right away; you don’t have to wait several months.