Considering the Abortion Pill?

We have both the abortion pill and an abortion pill alternative called SofTouch®.

What is SofTouch®?

If you are considering the Abortion Pill, you are also eligible for our SofTouch® procedure. Over 9 out of 10 of women who come to Early Options choose SofTouch® over the Abortion Pill, because they appreciate leaving our office with a sense of resolution. SofTouch® has many advantages over the Abortion Pill. It’s completed in one visit (instead of two), it’s nearly 99% effective, there is less bleeding and cramping, and your pregnancy symptoms resolve quickly.

Experience the Early Options Difference

There’s a simpler way to end your pregnancy. The nonsurgical SofTouch® procedure takes only minutes to complete.  There is less bleeding, less cramping, and a clear resolution to what can otherwise become a difficult situation. Early Options has offered 20+ years of exclusive, personalized, private care for women, by women.

Typical Abortion Clinic

  • Minimal privacy
  • Crowded waiting rooms
  • Long wait times
  • No companions allowed
  • Noisy equipment and cold rooms
  • Shared recovery area

Early Options

  • Maximum privacy
  • Private waiting area
  • Dedicated appointment times
  • Companions allowed
  • Entire facility designed for patient comfort
  • Time to recover in your private room

The Abortion Pill

We offer the Abortion Pill and welcome all new and existing patients. For appointments and questions, please contact Early Options at:

The Abortion Pill Can End Your Early Pregnancy in Three Simple Steps:

Step 1

Take the first pill at Early Options.

Step 2

Take the second set of pills at home 6-72 hours later (bleeding and cramping expected).

Step 3

Follow up at Early Options to confirm the pregnancy is terminated.

A Clinic by Women, for Women

Unlike traditional abortion clinics, Early Options offers a completely private medical experience. No crowded waiting rooms. No loud machines. No chilly operating rooms. Instead, you will be seen in your own private and relaxed space. Our appointment times are timed to ensure you won’t see another patient during your time at our practice.