Ask Dr. Joan: Is brown spotting after an abortion normal?

Posted by drjoan on Thu, Jan 1, 2010 @ 3:12 PM

Hi,Well i had an abortion 2 weeks ago,i was bleeding for like 10 days and stopped,the doctor told me the i had to go and check in 2 weeks,so that was on tuesday he checked me with and ultra sound and everything look clear and also he took a pregnancy test that came negative,i ask him when my period could start he told me like in about 2 or 4 weeks,well yesterday i started with this  brown spotting is it my period?or what i also took other test my self yesterday and it comes negative..should i call him or wait or what?the blood is really dark dosnt have a smell tho~ what it could be?

Dear Liza,
Brown spotting or discharge after an abortion is completely normal.  It can come and go for weeks after an abortion procedure.  It can also come when you are expecting a period.  Brown spotting simply indicates that the blood was in the uterus for a little while before it came down.  As long as there is no foul odor, there is nothing to worry about.  Your period should probably come in the next days or weeks.
I hope this is helpful,
Doctor Joan

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